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Texila American University

About Texila American University:Texila American University is the Caribbean School of medicine. It is situated in Guyana, The university has a facility with technological classes. It provides electronic learning systems connected to the projector. We record all lessons and classes. Also it is connected to the internet with High-speed wireless. So that the students can evaluate any class, anywhere and at any time.Accreditation of Texila American ... [+] Readmore...

Trinity School of Medicine

About Trinity School of Medicine:In 2008, Trinity School of Medicine was certified to offer the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and accepted its first category.Because of Trinity School of Medicine organization with a 220-bed training medical center, scientific experience starts with the first phrase. This service may quickly interact with patients and doctors. This scenario carries on through phrase five at the St. Vincent university.Classes Preferabl... [+] Readmore...


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Texila American Univ...
Region : Georgetown
Country : Guyana
About Texila American University:Texila American U... [+] Readmore...
Walden University
Region : Minneapolis
Country : USA
MissionWalden University provides a diverse commun... [+] Readmore...
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