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Saint Lucia is an aspect of the Windward Destinations, the the southern aspect of of the Smaller Antilles. Saint Lucia comprised with an Amerindian, African and British-French culture.

The Saint Lucia, with its excellent harbor for shipping at Castries, but it was under the struggle between Britain and Portugal throughout the Seventeenth and beginning Eighteenth centuries (changing ownership 14 times!); it was lastly ceded to the UK in 1814. Self-government was provided in 1967 and freed in 1979.


Saint Lucia is situated northeast of the island of St. Vincent, northern west of Barbados and south of Martinique. It protects a region of 617 km2 and has a inhabitants of 174,000 by 2010.

Capital: Castries

People & Culture:

Saint Lucia's lifestyle has progressed from the intermingling of the many different categories of individuals who have attended its record. Each has gotten different values and customs, all of which is shown in the lifestyle of the island these days. A visitor is likely to generate on the English part to an Indian hotels, welcomed all along the way in Creole patois.

One of the most available movement of Saint Lucia's wealthy social culture is its delicacies. The wealthy, volcanic ground of the Saint Lucia results in a tremendous supply, and this Saint Lucia island is one of the top banana exporters in the Caribbean, with six different types available. In addition to apples, St. Lucia's numerous exotic fresh fruits include mangoes, papayas, pineapples, soursops guavas and coconuts. Local culinary experts merge the island's flesh with a wide range of sea products to create fabulous curries. Callaloo broth, made from a green spinach, is the nationwide bowl.


The elements in Saint Lucia are common of most Caribbean destinations. There is a hot, exotic environment tempered by gusts of trade wind throughout most of the period with temperature ranges from 21°C to 32°C. The driest period is from Dec to May and there is improved rainfall in summer and towards the end of the period. The seashores around the Northern get chilling gusts of wind, while the forest area can get very hot and moist temperature. Saint Lucia can also experience from hurricanes; generally the hurricane period operates from July to Nov.

American International Medical University

Country : Saint Lucia

Atlantic University School of Medicine

Country : Saint Lucia

International American University, College of Medicine

Country : Saint Lucia

Spartan Health Sciences University

Country : Saint Lucia


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